Our story so far.

The Brand

Flint Candle Co. is focused on making high-quality soy candles, melts, and incense. We frequently work with local makers and artisans to help support the Flint, MI community and bring awesome collaborations to our customers.

Flint Candle Co. was established in 2015 in a kitchen by Lindsay. The following years were spent pouring thousands of hours and pounds of wax into the craft. Originally sold online in very small quantities, Lindsay began working local craft shows.

In late 2019, Lindsay’s brother Jacob approached the brand and helped create a unique online presence. In early 2020, Jacob and Hayley formed a partnership with Lindsay to help bring good smelling stuff to everyone.

At the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Flint Candle Co. launched it’s online presence, moving away from other platforms. With the help of friends and family, Flint Candle Co. has established a sizable fan base with countless positive feedback – y’all really like our stuff and it could not have made us happier!

The Team

Creative Director
Marketing & Technical Director
Human Relations Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Creative Assistant
Shipping Clerk

Contact Us

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We are online only. We do not have a retail location. If you would like to smell our goods in person, please check out our stockists page for local retailers near you. Keep up with us on social media as we frequently attend local craft shows and art fairs.

Want to send us some love-mail?

PO BOX 13516
Flint, MI 48501

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